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XLYNE CD-R 700MB, 80 Min, 52x, 10x in Slim Case


XLYNE CDs are the most popular storage media for the inexpensive backup of office data or the storage of music files. Due to a writing speed of up to 52x you can store your data swiftly and efficiently. Outstanding light resistance and long-term stability guarantee a safe archival of your informations.

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Product Description


  • 700 MB storage capacity
  • 52x speed
  • 10 disks in slim cases
  • writable once
  • very broad compatibility with burners and players
  • excellent recording stability
  • for video (CLV) and Data (CAV)
  • can be written in just 2 minutes at 52x speed
 Major applications:
  • Perfect for inexpensive data exchange
  • Perfect for archiving digital photos and office data
  • Perfect for creating music CDs

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