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ALU Design USB Key – Modern design for your data

The ALU Design USB Key in a premium case made out of high-quality aluminium reserves your logo a spotlight. The modern design is just impressive. It is small, light and reliable – while looking fancy and being sturdy.

The ALU Design USB Key is not only the perfect media to store data, it also is an excellent marketing tool for your company – since it fits in any pocket making it a perfect giveaway for any occasion.


Noble & sturdy – perfect protection for your files!

The ALU Design USB Key in an elegant aluminium premium case is not only of innovative and handy design, it impresses with the best finish and strong performance.

What makes the ALU Design USB Key unique?

• Independent from any power supply
• Best protection for your files because of the aluminium case
• Compatible with USB 2.0

The ALU Design USB Key is ready to use instantaneous via plug & play!

Outstanding Features

It is ready to use via plug&play

Colour: Aluminium Silver
Case: Aluminium
Width: 12 mm
Length: 54 mm
Height: 7 mm
Weight: 7,0 g


Supports any major operating system:

WIN11 / WIN10 / WIN8 / WIN7 /VISTA
Mac OS 10.x; Linux kernels from 2.5

Reading speed: Minimum 8 MB/s*
Storing speed: Minimum 2,5 MB/s*
Memory type: Flash


• 1 GB
• 2 GB
• 4 GB
• 8 GB
• 16 GB
• 32 GB


• 1 color printing
• 2 color printing
• 3 color printing
• 4 color printing


• 1x File/it Retail Pack in Blister
• BULK with/without Logo

minimum order quantity: 50 pieces

We gladly make you an offer!

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