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About Us


Private label Specialist

XLYNE GmbH: We are a forward-thinking designer and developer for our own range of sophisticated smart watches. In addition, we also specialise in private label products. We are located in Werdohl, Germany. As part of the Sauerland-based SK-Gruppe XLYNE benefits from 35+ years of experience in the development and production of private label solutions.

Are you an entrepreneur and want to sell IT-products under your own brand name? Then we are the right choice for you. Together with you, we select the eligible products, design them, take care of legal aspects, produce your articles, brand them with your logo, pack, store and send them in coordination with your requirements.


100% flexible: We can adapt to your requirements/ needs and can provide customised solutions. European delivery within 48 hours.

• Customised design and packaging
• Customised repackaging and special formats
• POS design for and with you. Dedicated sales force
• OnPack promotions

State-of-the-art Commerce Connect: EDI, SINFOS

“Personal commitment and high-quality standards will mutually help us to strengthen your brand and create your unique private label product range based on your customised corporate design.”


The business focus of XLYNE GmbH is in smartwatches, multimedia segment and storage solutions. We produce branded products of our customers as well as our own brand (OEM Business) in the range of storage media, multimedia devices, additional office supplies and smartwatches. Our range of services includes the development, production and logistical services of our customer brands. Together with our customers, we draft and design the products, produce and package them professionally. Additionally, we support our customers in terms of marketing and distribution.


We distribute products both of our brand and other notable manufacturers of smart wearables, storage media, multimedia accessories, GSM accessories and household goods which represent good value for money.


For us, striving for the highest quality is of utmost importance, hence why we invest a significant amount of our time and resources into all aspects of quality management. Only leading suppliers that work in accordance to European Quality Standards are eligible to cooperate with us, meaning we are able to produce the best quality products. Incoming goods are systematically controlled by us and we constantly survey the whole production process. Neutral testing institutions regularly give us high test results, this gives us confidence and commitment that we are following the correct path.


Quality Management Resources


“Personal commitment and high quality standards will help both parties to
strengthen your brand and add value to your unique private label product range based on your customised corporate design.”

Why choose us

The best Sales- & POS-strategy for our customers

In an increasing fast-paced market efficiency plays a decisive role. Effective procurement strategy doesn’t depend on a diversification of suppliers for each category or article. Benefit from a well-sorted all-round solution from one source and simplify your procurement structure.

With our distributions center in central Germany we guarantee a safe shipping within 48 hours. Our flexible packaging lines allow us to cater for your specific needs in short time.

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