sustainability in the company

ReviewForest is a sustainability project from Berlin. XLYNE and its brands, such as the fitness watch brand X-WATCH, are happy to take part in this sustainability project for companies and thus to promote an ecologically valuable reforestation project on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. We have set ourselves the goal of doing business more sustainably and want to see ourselves as part of the climate protection movement so that humanity can still live healthy and in harmony with nature on this planet tomorrow.

That is why we have changed two key points in our company orientation. In return, we offer customers who write a review the opportunity to have a tree planted in Mexico. As the number of participants increases, a whole forest arises in the name of our company XLYNE and also within the framework of the X-WATCH brand. They help us to get more reviews so that word of the high quality of our products gets around.

In return, we ensure that a new tree is planted for each evaluation by our partner Plant-for-the-Planet. In addition, donations are made to the Plant-for-the-Planet Children’s Academy for each evaluation.

Give your rating now and plant a tree!

The trees are planted in their own planting area on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. In a tree nursery, seedlings of eight different native species are used for the ReviewForest plantations. Even after planting, the trees are carefully cared for; this includes, for example, watering and weeding (while the tree is still young). In another environmental project to protect our planet, we have long been using packages to ship our goods, for which more trees are reforested per package than the packaging consumes in terms of resources. With these measures we make a small contribution to keeping people and nature in balance.