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Infrarot Panel XCOAST

Infrared heater 1000 watts I RRP €379


  • Efficient and Fast Heat: The wall heater generates infrared heat that heats the entire room quickly.
  • Energy-saving, electric heating panel, MADE IN GERMANY – electric wall heating, dust-free & maintenance-free, flexible application
  • “Heat shower”: The heating panel warms up the body and surfaces. No ineffective, slow heating of the room air.
  • The efficiency rate of converting electrical energy into thermal energy is over 98%. Energy consumption is reduced, no heat is lost.
  • 1000 watt heating output for rooms up to 18 m² (with good room insulation)
  • Easy to install: Simple, quick installation on the wall or ceiling. Mounting hardware is included.
  • Inexpensive to buy and use: our infrared heater is completely maintenance-free.
  • In the event of a gas shortage: The perfect safeguard in the event of reduced gas capacities.
  • Space-saving: The XCOAST infrared heating panel can be mounted on the wall. Perfect for small spaces and apartments.
  • Tested safety: The wall heater offers double overheating protection that automatically switches off the panel if the temperature gets too high.
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Product Description

infraotheizung-xcoast elektrische Heizung

Produced in Germany, German support, German brand quality from Sauerland.

Ideal as a heating backup to save gas. Very good price-performance ratio thanks to maximum efficiency and intelligent thermostat control with extremely low acquisition costs.

The Ecodesign Directive 2015/1188/EG applies to infrared heaters. In order to comply with legal regulations, infrared heaters may only be installed and operated in conjunction with energy-saving thermostats. A simple thermostat is not enough. Therefore, XCOAST offers you professional, tailor-made solutions for operating this product.

Infrarotheizung XCOAST Zimmer

✓ Pleasant, healthy heat: In contrast to gas heating, wall heating does not dry out the air. The room is heated silently and healthily: no dust, no strange smells, no allergens distributed in the room.

✓ Flexible & versatile application: The XCOAST infrared heater is equally suitable for individual small or large rooms as well as in multiple versions for entire houses.

✓ Quick heat without mould: Prevents mold growth thanks to even heat distribution without moisture settling on surfaces.

✓ Guarantee: German quality goods with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee

The elegant, frameless XCOAST infrared heater fits into almost any room.

Unlike conventional heating systems, it ensures quick and even heat distribution throughout the room.
Well suited for asthmatics and rheumatism patients, as there is no raising of dust. Infrared heating simulates solar heat as it heats bodies and objects in the room, which in turn transfer the heat to the room. No ineffective heating of the air leading to indoor air circulation, which is slow and costly. The heating constantly releases heat into the room, similar to a tiled stove.

Thanks to the use of powder-coated steel as the heat carrier with full rear insulation, this infrared heating panel converts electrical energy into heat with maximum efficiency. For gentle, sun-like warmth without dry, dusty room air. Simply plug into your normal household socket and mount on the wall or ceiling. Due to the particularly flat, timelessly puristic design, this infrared heater can be discreetly installed in any room. The concrete effectiveness of the panel depends largely on the degree of insulation of your premises.

Unser Qualitätsversprechen:

made in germany
  • No odor formation
  • Double overheat protection
  • Even heat distribution thanks to ESHC+ technology
  • Continuous, thermal insulation of the back of the panel for maximum efficiency
  • Best values for heating efficiency in contrast to low-cost providers
  • Low operating (electricity) costs compared to less efficient models
  • Tested and excellent overheating protection
  • High-quality materials from Germany
  • German quality work
  • Short delivery, fast response times
  • 100% individual inspection before shipment
  • German customer support
  • Secures German jobs

Technical details:

XCOAST 570443
Width: 1,492 Height: 592mm
Weight: 17kg


1 piece infrared heater with pre-assembled
Connection cable and wall brackets (V bracket)
1 piece of installation and operating instructions

Manual: Betriebsanleitung
: Bis zu 18qm
Netzspannung: 1 ~ N PE 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz 1 ~ N PE 230 Volt / 50-60 Hz
Leistung: 1.000 W
Zul. Raumfeuchte: 70 % 70 %
Schutzklasse: IP 21 IP 21

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