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Warranty Conditions

Warranty Conditions

Dear customer,

our products are subject to a strict quality control.

In case one of our products is not working properly, we really regret this and ask you kindly to refer to our customer support. We are available at the indicated service number. Besides of the legal warranty we additionally grant you a guarantee on all the devices you bought from us under the following conditions (which don’t limit your legal rights).

      1. The guarantee only applies within the European Union and Switzerland.
      2. Within the period of guarantee devices, that suffer malfunctions due to faults of the material or manufacturing errors, will get either repaired or replaced. The ownership of replaced devices or parts of devices will get transferred to XLYNE. Warranty services neither extend nor reset the period of guarantee.
      3. Claims under guarantee must be excercised immediately after taking note of the malfunction within the period of guarantee.
      4. To excercise your claim under guarantee, you need to follow these steps:
        • Contact our customer support either per mail, telefax or phone.
        • Send the device using the guarantee card that came with the product to us.
        • In case the malfunction is covered by the guarantee, we will send a repaired or new device to you. The return delivery will be covered by us.
      5. Guarantee is excluded by damages through:
        • misuse or improper handling
        • enviromental influences (such as humidity, temperature, overvoltage, dust, etc)
        • Non-compliance to safety instructions applicable to the device
        • Non-compliance to manual
        • Usage of force (e.g. hits, shocks, drops)
        • Unauthorized manipulations or repair attempts
      6. Damages not being covered by our guarantee conditions we repair if getting reimbursed. For an offer, kindly refer to our customer support. (N.B. In this case postage has to be covered by you)

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