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Power bank

Powerbank – the perfect giveaway

Due to its dimensions, powerbanks are perfect to be printed on with a logo, a personal photo or some text.
We can print your power banks either on one side only or on both sides and personalize them with a unique 4c-print.

The Power bank with  your logo on it!

The power bank, which is a handy giveaway with your logo on it, serves as an external power device – if in planes, cars or on a train. While training or travelling you can extend the usage time of your smart phone, tablet pc, mp3-player or any other power consumpting device.

The high-quality power bank can be individualized with your logo, text or any photo on it. That way normal products become individual giveaways for your customers, business partners or friends of your company.


All power banks offered by XLYNE can be personalized with your logo!

The high-quality power bank by XLYNE can be customized to your needs. Your logo on it? Not a problem. Same with text and images we ensure your power bank looks the way you want it to represent your company at your customers, business partners or anybody else you want to gift this awesome giveaway.

We gladly make you an offer!

Customizable with high-quality 4c-print

• Recharges any device that supports charging via USB
• Constant performance due to usage of high-quality Lithium-Ion batteries
• Capacity: 2.600mAH – 10.400mAh for many hours of extra power
• Body available in many variations
• Handy, light and easy to use
• Available in regular or custom-made packaging
• Inexpensive, good, fancy

Minimum order quantity: 50 pieces

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