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Clip/me – The digital paper clip – The perfect giveway

After being successful with the USB “File/It” XLYNE GmbH presents the “Clip/me”,  a new generation of paper-clip USB. Together with the Berlin Designer Arman Emami the approach is especially innovative! High-Class object combined with metal design the USB is ready for use.

Store, Clip, Use!

If presentations, advertisement or projects. The clippable Clip/me is perfect for professional use.

Clip/me – The Giveaway USB is
• metal made and solid!
• Designed innovative and captivating!
• Completely customizable!
Same as its big brother file/it, Clip/me offers you high-standard memory.

Available capacities

• 4 GB
• 8 GB
• 16 GB


• Clip/me „SUNFLOWER Yellow”
• Clip/me “CITRUS Orange”
• Clip/me “LEMON Green”
• Clip/me “OCEAN Blue”
• Clip/me “CHILI Red”
• Clip/me “ICE White”
• Clip/me “LAVA black”


• 1 color printing
• 2 color printing
• 3 color printing
• 4 color printing


• 1x File/it Retail Pack in Blister
• BULK with/without Logo

minimum order quantity: 50 pieces

We gladly make you an offer!

Excellent Design


Winner of the Promotional Gift Award 2014.

Money-back guarantee

The technical failure rate of the Clip/me is below 1%. We make that sure with an comprehensive, integrated QA Management System. Any verifiable broken device you will get refunded within the first 5 years or, alternatively, we will exchange the device with a device with double-as-much capacity.


While developing the Clip/me we made sure it is customer friendly. The handy and succeeded concept in combination with the fact it was made as a unibody reflects our passion in creating it.

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