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XLYNE SWG Swing USB Stick 32GB


Easy to use, independent of any additional power supply and with the ingeniously simple protector, the XLYNE SWG USB Stick is a reliable place for your data. For PCs, laptops, netbooks, DVD and Blu-ray players, TV receivers, just anything with a USB 2.0 slot. The USB Drive Swing SWG 16 GB in an elegant black high-gloss case looks just fine on any USB port. The combined sporty stainless steel bracket protecting the USB ports completes the design optically.
Swing the bracket to the side and start storing. After completion of your storage process you twist the bracket back to the starting position – you stay in motion, your USB Drive as well. Since the power supply in your USB Drive 2.0 SWG is ensured via the standard USB port your Swing USB Key from XLYNE is ready for immediate use. Just connect and start storing.

Product Description


  • automatic ‘plug-and-play’ recognition
  • power supply via the USB port Steel bracket to protect your USB port
  • No cap needed


  • 16 GB Memory
  • Minimum Reading speed: 8 MB / s *
  • Minimum Writing Speed: 2.5 MB / s *
  • Memory Type: USB 2.0 Stick

Supported by all major operating systems:

  • WIN11 / WIN10 / WIN8 / WIN7 /VISTA
  • Mac OS 10.x; Linux kernels from 2.5

* Measuring tool CrystalDiskMark; Results may vary by the hardware used and the operating system used

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