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WLAN Gartensteckdose XCOAST

Convenient Outdoor Control – WiFi Garden Socket


  • Convenient control via app or voice command: Control your outdoor devices conveniently via the free Smart Life app or by voice command with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
  • Timer and Energy Saving: Schedule your devices and save energy. Turn on your outdoor lights automatically, run your pond or pool pump at specific times, and control how your garden is watered.
  • Splash-water protection and safety: The WLAN garden socket is splash-proof according to IP44 and is ideal for outdoor use. Safely control your balcony lights, garden lights, lawn sprinklers and other outdoor devices.
  • Power measurement: Keep an eye on your power consumption and check your monthly or daily consumption. Use the current measurement function of the WLAN socket.
  • Easy installation without a hub: The smart socket does not require an additional hub. Simply download the free Smart Life app, connect the socket to your WiFi network and enjoy the benefits of smart control.

Product Description

XCOAST WLAN garden socket for outdoor use

Convenient control via app or voice command – smart WiFi outdoor socket with app control

Remote controllable: With the free “Smart Life” app, you can easily control your sockets remotely from your mobile phone via the Smart Life app. The WiFi smart socket is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. As soon as the connection is established and the plug is paired with the app, you can also manage your devices via voice control via a connection to Amazon Alexa and Google Home in the app. The standby power of this socket is less than 0.7 watts.

Timer and energy saving: The WLAN socket has a timer function. You can easily control the on and off times via the app and create a personal schedule so that the device control is perfectly adapted to your everyday life and your needs. You can set different timers to turn your devices on and off, so you can also control the running time. This not only saves time in everyday life, but also prevents unnecessary power consumption and protects the environment. Activate the outdoor lights when it gets dark. Run your pond or pool pump at specific times each day. Turn the garden watering on and off automatically several times a day.

High security with splash water protection: The WLAN garden socket with rubber cover is ideal for outdoor use, as it is splash water and dust-proof according to the IP44 standard. It is ideally suited for balcony lights, garden lights, lawn sprinklers, pond pumps and other outdoor devices. It can be controlled easily and safely via the app even in adverse weather conditions such as strong wind and rain.

WiFi socket with electricity measurement: The WiFi outdoor socket with electricity consumption function allows you to check your monthly or daily electricity consumption at any time. With the help of this technology, you can always keep an eye on your electricity costs.

Simple operation without a hub: The smart socket does not require any additional devices as it establishes a direct WiFi connection to the router. Just download the free “Smart Life” app from the App Store or Google Play Store or scan the QR code on the user manual. Pairing is easy. Follow just a few simple steps to get connected and your smart experience can begin.

Protection class: IP44 splash protection
Connector type: C,E,F
System requirements iOS (8) & Android™ (4.4)
Max power: 3000W
App: Smart Life
WiFi / WLAN: 2.4GHz
Max current: 13A
Voltage/Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz

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