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Private Label

Private label development and production

Fair conditions and top quality

You can have your own private label product line at fair terms and with excellent quality. Not only do we let you produce your private label flexibly and affordably, but we also help you optimize your entire product line.

We’re happy to share with you our passion for developing state-of-the-art private label products and brand strategies.

Individual, Flexible & Fast

Product focus: Optical Media, SSD, USB keys, memory cards, power accessories and much more.
In Germany: logistics and inventory, high-tech production, print and pack, quality control, development, distribution and marketing.
Quality management: Certified in Germany under ISO DIN 9001, Stiftung Warentest Award, European quality conformity.


100% flexible:We adapt to your needs. Customized solutions. Delivery in Europe within 48 hours.

  • Customized design and packaging
  • Customized repackaging and special formats
  • POS design for and with you. Dedicated sales force
  • OnPack promotions

State-of-the-art Commerce Connect: EDI, SINFOS

“Personal commitment and high quality standards will help both of us to strengthen your brand and create your unique private label product range based on your customized corporate design.”

Inquiry about private label development

Take advantage of your brand’s synergies. Increase your ROI at POS and emphasize products with high quality standards in contrast to prevailing trends in your industry. Trend-setting brands go against the grain and take on cult status whenever you offer something surprising and new. You’ll see. And your customers will be thankful.

Our experienced sales team, product engineers, quality managers and designers can help you by enthusiastically offering a wide range of services from strategic brand development to POS displays.


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