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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You need the FundoWear App, which you can download via the following links:

Android APP in Google Play Store
App for iOS Apple App Store

Only bind your EuroChamp via the FundoWear App. If you have your watch connected in the Bluetooth menue of your phone, please disconnect it first. If you use an Android device, it is necessary to allow all permissions and that your GPS (location service) is enabled. Otherwise you will not be able to bind nearby Bluetooth devices.


Go to the time view of the NARA XW Pro. Press and hold the screen for approx. 2 seconds and then select a watch interface with the arrow keys.
Confirm with “OK”.

The watch is able to display notifications such as E-Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Instagram and many more.

No, you can answer your messages from your phone as usual.

No, a preview of the message will be displayed up until the maximum amount of characters the watch can display. Also emojis cannot be displayed.

The time can be set manually in the options under “Clock”. If you have activated automatic synchronisation, the time updates as soon as the connection between your Smartwatch and your smartphone is established.

Yes, via this Link you can find a fitting selection for your NARA XW PRO. Also you can use other watch bands with a width of 24mm.

Open the Fundo Wear app, on the start page you will see a green circle with a “+” sign at the bottom right, tap on this, select the pink circle with the Bluetooth symbol, “Disconnect” will be displayed there. Confirm with “OK”.
You must then disconnect your Smartwatch in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone.

The watch as well as your Bluetooth and location (GPS) on the smartphone must be switched on. If you have previously established a connection with another smartphone, this must first be disconnected.

The NARA XW Pro is not suitable for use in water. It is only protected against splashing water when it rains or when washing hands. For this reason, the NARA XW Pro should always be protected from water.

Water resistance standard IP65.

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