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Körperfettwaage in Schwarz Welliscale

Digital Body Scale in Black


Elegant digital body fat scale. Color: Black

  • Elegant body fat scales / digital bathroom scales –
    determines body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle percentage, bone mass, lean body weight, visceral and subcutaneous fat, biological age and basal metabolic rate.
  • Check your weight and fitness – with the XC FIT app you can set individual goals and track your progress.
  • Reliable results: 4 high-precision sensors for a maximum load capacity of 200kg.
  • Intuitive operation: easy to turn on by stepping on it, automatic on and off, automatic connection to your smartphone. Free app: The XC FIT app is easy to use.
  • Data can be synced to the XC FIT App
  • Scale + Smartwatch: Compatible with the XCOAST Smartwatch models SIONA 2, JOLI, IVE2 and QIN. Batteries included: 3x AAA batteries are included
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Product Description


WELLISCALE Bluetooth body fat scale with smartphone app

Digital body weight control for daily use

Exact weight measurement: Using 4 precise sensors, the digital WELLISCALE scale from XCOAST measures every smallest change in your physical parameters and ensures a highly precise measurement. Easily define your goal and track your progress. Regardless of whether the focus is on losing or gaining weight or building muscle, with the WELLISCALE digital body fat scale you can easily get your exact body values ​​and achieve your weight goals in no time.

Pair the smart WELLISCALE with our XC Fit app via Bluetooth. With the help of the app you get a clear summary of various body values, such as muscle, water or fat percentage. Check your measurement data from the XCOAST Smartwatch and complete the measurement profile with your exact body data. This makes losing weight easier.

  • Thanks to the hardened special glass, the digital personal scale offers a very high load capacity of up to 200kg.
  • Automatic on and off function: As soon as you place the body fat scale on a flat surface and step on it, your individual body weight will be displayed in a few seconds. When not in use, the scales turn off automatically after 10 seconds.
  • The innovative and modern glass design will make a valuable impression as an accessory in your bathroom. The digital scale is also flat and can be used anywhere.
  • The model offers different units of measurement: Use the units KG= kilograms, ST= stones and LB= pounds according to your needs

The XC Fit app is compatible with the XCOAST WELLISCALE and other XCOAST products such as our fitness watches Joli XC PRO, QIN, IVE 2, SIONA 2 and the fitness trackers XCOAST CAPRI and CADIZ. Track all your sports and health data such as your calorie consumption, heart rate, blood pressure, distance covered, body weight, BMI, muscle percentage, body fat and much more in one and the same app.

Technical specifications:

Load capacity: max. 200kg
Units of weight: kg, lb, st
LCD display for easy reading
Auto Off – Automatic on and off function
Indicators: Err=overloaded / Lo=low battery status
4x measuring sensors on the underside
White backlight
Dimensions: 300mm*300mm*25mm
Weight: 1.7KG
Bluetooth: BLE 4.0


– Cleaning note: As soon as the scale is switched off, you can clean the surfaces with a damp, soft cloth. The use of cleaning agents, solvents or abrasives is not permitted. Only use a soft cloth to clean the body fat scale.

– Do not use this device if you are pregnant.
– Body fat measurements apply to users 13 years and older.
– Standing on the scale with wet feet may affect the measurement accuracy.
– Place the scale on a hard, level surface and only step on the scale barefoot. Step on the weighing platform once briefly to start the calibration.
– This product is not a medical device. The health data and suggestions provided are for reference only and not a basis for diagnosis and treatment.
For medical purposes, consult a specialist doctor

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