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XLYNE BD-R 25 GB, Cakebox 10


Blu-ray discs offer five times as much disk space as common DVDs, so that even HD-Videos can be stored, played and overwritten. Blu-Ray discs by XLyne offer space for up to 135 minutes of HD film.

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Product Description


  • capacity: 25GB
  • 10 blank blu-ray media per cakebox
  • blank blu-ray media were manufactured by SK in accordance with the highest specifications and were tested in extreme range.
  • Very broad compatibility with burners, players and software
  • Excellent recording layer
  • Outstanding recording stability and extremly high archival life span

Major applications:

  • storage of digital photos, music, video and data
  • storage & restore of large files
  • transfer of videos and large files
  • perfect for long-term data archiving

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