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KETO XW Fit | Sunset Peach – Fitness Watch


  • With this great Fitness Smart Watch you are in every sporting activity in the trend. The KETO Unisex Edition is a fashionable fitness tracker in the colors black / green and also offers a handy quick-change strap method!
  • Wear the visually appealing fitness smartwatch for cycling, football, basketball, handball, hockey, rugby, American football, swimming, ice hockey or just hiking and jogging!
  • Choose between jogging, running, swimming or cycling and easily record your daily workout. Track your heart rate and measure your blood pressure directly on the wrist. Monitor your daily calorie consumption.
  • The KETO XW Fit Sport Smartwatch is compatible with Android ™ and iOS® smartphones.
    Operation is via a sensitive touch display and offers a multicolour OLED display.
    Activity slower – in case of lack of exercise.

Product Description

KETO XW FIT -sunset peach is the lightweight and waterproof unisex smart watch with interchangeable soft silicone / quickrelease strap. The stylish sports watch from X-WATCH helps you to easily reach your individual fitness and health goals.

Choose between jogging, running, swimming or cycling and record your daily workout in no time. Track your heart rate and measure your blood pressure directly on the wrist. Monitor your daily calorie consumption.
When you’re jogging, swimming or cycling, show your calorie count directly on the display and even get push messages for incoming calls, SMS, WhatsApp and other notifications from your connected smartphone.

The associated free smartphone app offers a clear dashboard for evaluating your personal fitness values, blood pressure values and heart rate data. You gain valuable insights into your daily routine and evaluate your individual fitness trends with just one click on the smartphone.

More than 7 days of battery life

The day has 24 hours and you can use it for more exercise. With a battery life of more than 7 days, the smart watch model KETO XW FIT is distinguished for the fitness data recording of several days and nights.


Use the KETO XW FIT for continuous pulse and blood pressure measurement to optimize your cardio health in everyday life and during sports. In addition, with the KETO XW FIT you can track your calorie consumption, distances covered and your sleep.


Easily observe how long and how deep you sleep at night. By recording your nighttime sleep, you’ll gain deeper insights into your sleep quality and better monitor your sleep needs.

  • IP68 Certification: Waterproof, up to 1.5m
  • Record: jogging, cycling, swimming + pedometer
  • Display: Colorful OLED color display
  • Bracelet: changeable
  • Functions: Motion reminder, call notification, SMS notification
  • WhatsApp, Facebook notification
  • Battery: 120 mAh battery, up to 7 days of use
  • Functions: Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Sports Modes, Camera Remote Control, Steps, Distance, Calorie Consumption, Sleep Duration, Sleep Phase Analysis, Heart Rate, Reminder, Call & SMS Alert, Alarm Clock, Time / Date
  • Housing color: Black
  • Pulse functions: wrist
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth® 4.0
  • StandBy: Max. 10 days
  • Supported mobile operating systems: Android ™ & Apple iOS®
  • Waterproof: suitable for swimming up to 1.5m

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